Detailed Information on Current Online Sic Bo Rules 2024

Rules of playing Sic Bo online This is an important factor that players need to follow if they want to win this card game. Please follow the article below to understand the regulations in the game’s rules bookmaker New88today This.

Online Sic Bo and information you need to know

Online Tai Xiu is a game developed and produced based on the previous traditional form. And you can easily come across this game at reputable bookmakers’ addresses with another “beautiful” name, Sicbo. According to statistics from many playgrounds, this subject is always crowded with participants with the number increasing day by day.

This game is performed just like a regular betting game. Here, the dealer will use 3 dice with a total of 6 sides, in order from 0 to 6. And the player’s task is to analyze, predict and choose the appropriate bet. If you win, the money will be automatically added to your account; otherwise, if you lose, the initial bet will be lost.

How are the rules for playing Sic Bo online?

Let’s find out togetherRules of playing Tai Xiu online through the following main categories:

Process of operations

An online Sic Bo game will be carried out according to the following process:

  • First, when starting the game, the dealer will roll 3 dice within a specified time.
  • After shaking, the player will make a prediction and place a bet on the appropriate door. Note placing bets during the countdown time on the screen.
  • Continue, when the betting time is over, the dealer will open the dice for players to compare the results with each other.
  • Finally, there is the operation to determine win – lose. Whoever has the correct prediction will have the bonus amount automatically added to their account, and vice versa, if they lose, they will lose the original bet.

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Common bets in the rules of online Sic Xiu

In Rules of playing Tai Xiu online, you will definitely encounter the following bets:

  • Over – Under: Players place money on the bet by predicting the total of 3 dice. The convention is that numbers from 4 – 10 are Under and numbers from 11 – 17 are Over with a reward ratio of 1:1.
  • Same pair: The player bets on the number that appears on ⅔ of the dice. The bonus ratio you receive is 1:12.
  • Identical triplet: Is the case where 3 dice have the same number with a ratio of 1 to 30. For example, after shaking, 3 dice have the same number 2.
  • Even – Odd: Predict whether the total score of the 3 dice will be even or odd.
  • Total: The player predicts the total of 3 dice with the allowed range from 4 to 17. The reward rate will depend on each person’s betting method.
  • Pair: Gamer predicts 2 numbers appearing at the same time in the dice rolling results. The reward ratio you receive is 1:5.
  • Score Range: The player chooses a range of numbers within which the total score of the 3 dice falls. Note, these number ranges will be suggested by the dealer.

Method to conquer the rules of online Tai Xiu

When you have an effective method of playing Tai Xiu, your chances of receiving rewards will be many times higher. We invite you to immediately refer to the “king” methods in conquering Sic Bo online below:

  • Familiar folding: With this method, players gradually increase their bets with each consecutive game. And until they win, the player stops. For example, the first bet is a capital amount, the second bet is ax2, the third bet is (ax2)x2, the fourth bet is (ax2)x2)x2,…
  • Flat bridges and broken bridges are used for cases of unexpected results after 6 – 10 games. For example, the result is continuously 3 times Over, 2 times Under, then 3 times Over and 2 times Under in a period of time.
  • The 2 – 2 – 1 formula is quite simple but highly effective. For example, you bet 2 times Over, 2 times Under and 1 Over or vice versa.
  • Formula 2 – 3 – 1 has a similar implementation to formula 2 – 2 – 1. For example, play 2 Under – 3 Over – 1 Under or vice versa.
  • Choose betting tables with a large number of participants to increase your chances of winning, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Try your luck by betting on a certain amount of money until you win. Note, the next game’s bet is always larger than the previous game.


Rules of playing Sic Bo online Even though it’s not too complicated, it’s still difficult to grasp if you learn a little. Hopefully with the above article you will firmly grasp the rules of the game, thereby operating correctly and receiving high rewards for your account.

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