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Unveiling the Unique Properties and Stability of BINMEI’s Organic Blue Spirulina Powder Bulk

BINMEI presents an extraordinary organic blue spirulina powder bulk, renowned for its exceptional properties as a protein binding pigment. In this article, we will delve into the distinct characteristics of BINMEI‘s organic blue spirulina powder bulk, shedding light on its chromaticity, stability, and key factors affecting its overall performance.

Properties of BINMEI’s Organic Blue Spirulina Powder Bulk

Chromaticity and Stability under Weak Acid and Neutral Conditions (pH 4.5-8):

BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk exhibits remarkable chromaticity, delivering a vibrant blue hue to your products. It demonstrates excellent stability in environments with weak acid and neutral pH levels, ensuring the longevity of its captivating color.

Sensitivity to Heat, Light, Acid, and Metal Ions:

While BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk showcases remarkable properties, it is essential to consider its sensitivity to various factors. It may experience some challenges under specific conditions:

Heat: High temperatures can impact the stability of the blue color in the powder. Careful formulation and temperature control are crucial to preserving its visual appeal.

Light: Prolonged exposure to strong light may lead to color degradation. Proper packaging and storage solutions help safeguard the powder’s integrity.

Acid: In acidic environments, precipitation of the pigment may occur, affecting the overall appearance. It is important to balance the pH levels in formulations to maintain the desired blue color.

Metal Ions: Certain metal ions can influence the stability and color of BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk. Careful consideration should be given to the formulation and compatibility with other ingredients.

Stability Factors

Precipitation under Acid Conditions:

Under acidic conditions, BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk may experience precipitation, leading to potential alterations in color and texture. Maintaining a suitable pH range is crucial to prevent this undesired outcome.

Discoloration under Strong Alkali Conditions:

Strong alkali environments can cause the organic blue spirulina powder bulk to undergo discoloration. It is important to avoid excessive alkaline levels to ensure the powder retains its vibrant blue shade.


BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk possesses unique properties that make it an exceptional protein binding pigment. While it offers superior chromaticity and stability under weak acid and neutral conditions, factors such as heat, light, acid, and metal ions can affect its overall performance. By understanding and mitigating these stability factors, you can harness the full potential of BINMEI’s organic blue spirulina powder bulk in your formulations. Contact BINMEI today to explore how their high-quality product can elevate your creations, and unlock the captivating blue allure of organic spirulina.

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