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FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port: Flexible Configuration for Reliable Connectivity

In the world of network infrastructure, patch panels play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and organized connectivity. FIBERCAN, a trusted brand in the industry, offers a versatile solution with their Patch Panel 24 Port. With its flexible configuration options, FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port provides reliable connectivity for various network setups. Whether you need to connect multiple fibers or accommodate different connector types, FIBERCAN has you covered.

Flexible Configuration Options

FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port offers a range of configuration options to meet diverse networking needs. When it comes to connectors, this patch panel is capable of supporting 24F MTP/MPO to 24xLC connections, 2x12F MTP/MPO to 12xLC connections, and 3x8F MTP/MPO to 8xLC connections. This flexibility allows you to adapt the patch panel to your specific requirements, making it an ideal choice for various network setups.

Versatile Splitter Capability

The Patch Panel 24 Port from FIBERCAN also features versatile splitter capability. It can accommodate 12F LC or SC pigtail splicing in crimp splice or 900um buffer splice configurations. Additionally, it can support the splicing of 3pcs 1×4 splitters or WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) splices. This versatility enables you to integrate splitters or WDM modules seamlessly into your network infrastructure, enhancing its functionality and scalability.

Reliable Connectivity and Organization

With FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port, you can expect reliable connectivity and efficient organization. The patch panel ensures secure and stable connections, minimizing signal loss and optimizing network performance. Additionally, its design allows for neat and organized cable management, reducing clutter and simplifying maintenance tasks. By investing in FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port, you can achieve a streamlined and reliable network infrastructure.


When it comes to reliable connectivity and flexible configuration options, FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port is the ideal choice for network infrastructure setups. With its ability to support various connector types and versatile splitter capability, this patch panel offers adaptability and scalability. Experience reliable connectivity and efficient organization with FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port.

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