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Exceptional Clarity and Precision

With its compact and lightweight design, this high-power laser light is perfect for professional stage productions, concerts, and entertainment events. Featuring a 128mm beam diameter, a narrow 1.1° angle, and an astounding 300,000 lux at 10 meters, the Mini Laser Aqua ensures a stunning and immersive lighting experience. Unleash your creativity and transform your stage effortlessly with Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua.

Powerful White Laser Performance

The Mini Laser Aqua is equipped with a 100W white laser source, providing exceptional power and luminance. Its narrow 1.1° beam angle allows for precise and concentrated lighting effects, making it ideal for highlighting specific areas or creating dramatic visuals. With a front lens diameter of 128mm, the Mini Laser Aqua ensures precise light projection and dispersion, resulting in sharp and clear beams that mesmerize the audience. Experience the power and precision of the Mini Laser Aqua for an unforgettable stage performance.

Versatile Features for Creative Expression

Light Sky‘s Mini Laser Aqua offers versatile features that allow for creative expression and customization. The color wheel includes 12 vibrant colors plus a blank, enabling you to create dynamic and captivating lighting displays tailored to your performance. With a bi-directional rainbow effect, you can add movement and fluidity to your lighting design, enhancing the visual impact. The static gobo wheel, featuring 14 fixed gobos plus a blank, provides the opportunity to project intricate patterns and textures, adding depth and dimension to your stage. The white laser light also includes an 8-facet prism and a 24-facet prism, allowing you to experiment with multiple prism combinations and create mesmerizing lighting effects.


Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua sets the stage for exceptional performances with its powerful white laser performance and versatile features. Whether you’re highlighting specific areas, creating captivating visuals, or adding depth to your stage, the Mini Laser Aqua delivers precision and power. Experience the transformative capabilities of the 12 vibrant colors, bi-directional rainbow effect, customizable gobos, and multiple prism combinations.

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